Well, hello there!


When I was first thinking about putting up my website, I was going to focus only on my jewelry making and design. But, then I thought long and hard about it. My artful preoccupations span beyond jewelry to the process and execution of creativity in general. I am a dabbler in a few art forms: paper sculpture, wire sculpture, textile design, filmmaking, nonfiction and fiction writing, and journalism. With these things, I'm like the proverbial kid in a candy store. My sweet tooth is for the act of creativity itself. 

So ... in this blog space, as well as across this website, I will endeavor to explore all things creative, including offering peeks at my process, probably largely jewelry making –– but I reserve the right to show off and proffer additional handmade products, though not necessarily my every whim. Just know that I see this space as an organic, transmuting digital house of passion and craft.

Join me on this journey? I want to introduce you, as well, to other people and their creative pursuits. I wish to build community through creativity.

For me, this is excitement. This is exploration. This is evolution. This is fun. This is goals. 

This is Jean Williams Studio. 


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