About Us

In September 2017, a head wrap that I used to hold up my afro puff broke. I picked out the wire guts and started to play with them. Before I knew it, my hands were shaping a little afro and then a lady's face shape. I put my creation on a chain and wore it around my neck as a pendant. I posted a photo to social media and people thought it was cool.

That was the beginning of an unanticipated torrid love affair – with making jewelry. I’d rather make jewelry now than wear it in fact, although I’ve always bought and adored handmade jewelry from other artists.


I've added jewelry making, then, to a lifelong array of creative interests and pursuits. I make sculptures sometimes from paper, I have an MFA in filmmaking, and I've been working on a novel for over seven years now.

In short, I love creating! I hope you enjoy my offerings. Currently, it's largely jewelry and some housewares, but as my shop evolves, I aim to add other creations, including some accessories either featuring my artworks or that I handcrafted. Join me in building a lifestyle brand based on my interpretations and renderings of the wonderful world we inhabit.

I'm excited to be able to share with you!