It's a cold, cold world!


 The foundation of my work lies in my own sense of technique. As such, it's pretty rudimentary. And that's okay. You can make incredibly gorgeous pieces of jewelry and other art with some fundamental tools.

I've learned as I've evolved in nearly three years now of designing and making jewelry that what I do is called cold connections – as opposed to use of heat from torches to fabricate and solder copper, brass, aluminum, sterling silver and other metals.

I've resisted the urge to pick up a torch because there's something primitive that I respect and am intrigued by in cold connections. A friend also nailed it for me when she said once that my work looks "less machined." Yes! Cold connections lend to more of a raw, handmade look. It's a different aesthetic quality.

In the future, I may pick up a torch. It'll have to be a natural flow, pun intended if you get it, from where I am at that future moment. Or, maybe I never will. It's all good as long as the creativity flows freely!


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