Head, heart and hands ...

It's taken me far longer than I care to admit to get around to launching this website. I'd get into fits of "analysis paralysis" and never make much progress towards my goal. "Should I do it this way?" or "Should I do it that way?" Round and round I'd go with such questions until, well, I didn't do it in ANY way. But, all that changed in the heart of an unprecedented pandemic.

Suddenly, months after the world has come to terms with some of the harsh realities of the novel coronavirus scourge that's swept the globe, and the need to hunker down for a lot longer as science tries to save us, I finally, FINALLY planted butt firmly in seat to bang out a website. Whew!

I'm also working intermittently on another website (for my writing and editing) and on two children's books that I've been tinkering with off and on for ... some 17 years. Yikes!

I think it's quite an irony that I've launched this website (and resumed those book projects) in a pandemic – a time characterized by uncertainty and stagnation! It's a time where most of us find ourselves most often at home – our own captive audience. If you're lucky enough to have employment, then that's one definitive place to put time, energy and effort. And, of course, children and family are another such repository.

But, what of the need for balance now that much of our recreational pursuits, sadly given to too much social contact for the times, are on ice? I always say that we could all be better off given something to do with our heads, our hearts and our hands. Even in non-pandemic times. That's where pastimes such as hobbies offer welcome solace.

Do you have a hobby? Or, is there one that you'd always wanted to start but never could seem to find the time? Or, do you have some passion projects that you abandoned for scheduling and commitment reasons that you can resume? Maybe give it a gentle go and see if you gain any momentum in the coming days and weeks?

Maybe unleashing your neglected creative urges is just the medicine you need right now. And, when times get back to "normal," perhaps you won't be willing to let your hobby fall by the wayside, especially if you see how much it feeds your soul.


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