The Earth, Wind & Fire collection has launched!

I’ve worked on this small collection for longer than I thought it would take, but I’m all right with that. Part of the joy of presenting my work to you is knowing that I put precious time, effort and energy into coming up with something as captivating as I can. Plus, nothing beats the play factor and those moments of serendipity that come out of it.


Aluminum neck wire with a diamond shaped resin pendant that features blue pigment, flakes of various glitters and a small section of cement in a wavy pattern, together invoking an ocean and a small island.

In fact, the name of the collection, Earth, Wind & Fire, an ode to my favorite big band, came out of ruminating and playing. These first six jewelry items are part of what will be an ongoing collection – the first few evoking water, which amasses about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. In this first sub-collection, I have three necklaces, a couple of brooches (or lapel pins), and a pair of stud earrings.


I am already hard at work on the next incarnation of the Earth sub-collection, which will be more aligned with terra firma and presented in rich earthtones, golds and other natural aesthetics. I’ve also carried the theme over to Jean Williams Studio Home, with a decorative set of display spoons being the first entry.

Please stay tuned for the continuation but enjoy the kick-off with me!








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